so long sweet summer

Fall is officially upon us here in Paris. The air is crisp and chilly (cold for me!), the leaves are changing and falling and the days are getting shorter. Like I said, this is the first time in my entire 24 years of life that I have seen the seasons change. Seeing it change from winter to spring was beautiful and exciting because of the sunshine and warmth that was finally coming through. From spring to summer it wasn't a big change because I'm still not sure summer really ever came to Paris. I don't count a one week heat wave as summer. So here we are, going into fall and so far its lovely.

I'm already pulling out my heavier jackets and scarves but my heart is always laying on a beach in the middle of summer. Here are some photos from the last little bit of "summer" here in Paris!

 biggest lemon meringue pie ever madeeee


  1. I love the photo of everyone dancing by the water. Where exactly is this? I want to visit!

  2. I want to be on a Paris beach, too! And that lemon meringue pie is incredible. Happy fall!

  3. Just found your blog from a tweet from Elisabeth. Love that you live in Paris and I'm excited to see what adventures you have there! My husband and I visited last summer and I absolutely fell in love- what a gorgeous city you get to live in!

    new follower :)


Merci Beaucoup!