Paris: Part 2

The scary truth is that I have less than three and a half months left in Paris. I literally have a hard time believing it. I can't believe how fast the months have passed. There have been a lot of amazing ups and some tough downs but for the past two months I feel like a new person. I remember the week it changed for me.

I was complaining to Mike about something and I just remember him saying that I need to "let go of whatever is holding you back". What great advice that was! I don't know what exactly changed in me with that comment but it was for the better. I feel free, open, happy, excited, motivated and appreciative. Everything is brighter, more beautiful and I am appreciating everything from the small tasks at work to the sunshine that still comes through in the afternoons. I am motivated to continue taking steps towards my goals, staying in touch and reconnecting with friends, and enjoying everyday that I have left in this beautiful city.

I consider this new attitude to be part of Paris Part 2 because it went hand in hand with my move! I moved from my last apartment at Saint Michel to a wonderful part of the city off Rue Bretagne. I love my new place and my new neighborhood. I am even neighbors with one of my friends now and around the corner from my favorite mexican restaurant! Perfection!

I am feeling the stress of knowing that my time here is ticking away but I have some amazing things to look forward to in the coming months.

2 weeks until dinner at Benoit with my friend Coco!
3 weeks until Mark and Megan arrive!
4 weeks until Erin arrives!
4.5 weeks until my 25th birthday!
6 weeks until my half-marathon!
8 weeks until Erin (again!) and Jaime come to Paris!

Wow, these weeks are going to fly! Has anyone ever been in this situation? Seeing the end running towards you and feeling bittersweet about it? Any advice on how to deal?

Here is a glimpse into my new apartment!


  1. It's funny how when you are looking forward to certain things, life becomes when big countdown :)

  2. Cute apartment and blog! Reminds me of my own times in Paris :)
    Found you through #FF, following you now!

  3. Wow, that is such a perfect Parisian apartment! I can see how you would be happier there. :)


Merci Beaucoup!