Best of Paris: Rose Bakery

As you already know, Paris is full of food. Cusine is oozing out of this city like nobody's business. People think that every restaurant in Paris is going to be a revelation to your taste buds but to be honest, that is definitely not the case. Most cafes and brasseries have similar menus and if you are just looking for a croque monsieur or boeuf tartare then you are usually safe just popping into the corner cafe but if you are looking for something special then you need to do some research.

One of my favorite places is a little cafe called Rose Bakery. It was opened by a Franco-British couple and everyone - Parisians and tourists - have developed a huge love for it. They offer a cool, relaxing atmosphere and really great, healthy food. They always have different quiches, cakes and salads to choose from. Not leafy green salads but things like risotto with roasted squash, peppers and cheese or a salad of perfectly roasted vegetables. I have never had anything that I didn't love which is good because it can be a little bit pricey.

Lucky me, I have Rose Bakery at my disposal every single day because their 1st shop is located on the same street that I work on and their 2nd shop is located directly across from my apartment. I can see it from my window! I haven't made it over there for weekend brunch yet but I am thinking its a good spot to put on the list when my friends come to visit in a few weeks.

Next time you are in Paris, pop into Rose Bakery - you won't regret it!


  1. wow. my mouth is watering at everything in this photo. It looks amazing! One day... I will go to Paris.


  2. Atmosphere of the place matters a lot when we have to spend time there whether it is bakery, cafe or restaurant. These bakery items looks great in the picture.


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