Take a page out of their book

The Parisians, that is. My dad sent me this inspiring article about someone who lived in Paris and all the things he learned from the people and their lifestyle. Here is a list of things she thought us Americans (she is one too!) could learn from the French.

1. Live a passionate life

Dinnertime was a great example because every night of the week, whether it was a Wednesday or a Friday, it would be an experience that included a three-course meal and lively conversation, Scott said. Afterward, the family would listen to classical music."They never sat in front of the television with a box of pizza and zoned out, never," Scott said.

2. Cultivate an air of mystery

Scott thinks the French get a bad rap for coming across as cold and aloof when they're simply very picky about who they open up to and how much they reveal about themselves. She also discovered that staying mum can be "delicious." "Being OK with silence is important. I think a lot of people are afraid of silence in conversations, I know I am,"

3. Always look presentable

Looking presentable was a way of honoring the people she came in contact with everyday. "This isn't to be confused with being high maintenance," Scott also noticed the family would routinely wear their best clothes for everyday occasions, a lesson she took to heart.

4. Don't forget about the simple pleasures (and don't deprive yourself)

Scott thought the movie "Amélie" showed off this lesson perfectly as it introduced its whimsical characters and their little pleasures. "For some of them it's cleaning out their handbag, and for some of them it's breaking the crust on a crème brulee with a spoon," Scott said. "These are things that a lot of us just mow over in life and don't even notice."

5. Make life a formal affair

They were always elegantly dressed, their apartment was beautifully furnished and they maintained graceful rituals. As a visitor to their home, for example, Scott was considered the female guest of honor and was always served first at dinner, ahead of her host and hostess and their son. "They used their best china and their best crystal on a regular basis. ... They used the nicest things that they had on a daily basis and it elevated every experience that we had."

Food for thought.
Read the full article here.


  1. My husband sent me the link to that same article. I wish I had read it before I went to Paris. (For the 2nd time)Maybe I would have enjoyed the people more.

  2. This is such a great post for a new year and a new adventure. Good find, Mark!


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