There is a Hole in my Stomach

It is gaping. I have a stomach ache of emotions. It feels icky.

I knew it wouldn't be all fun and games when I decided to move away. I mean, come on, I have a good life going on here and it is ALL changing. Let me remind you that I have a strained and terrible relationship with change. We are pretty much enemies. I hate change, always have. So needless to say, this is a huge challenge for me. I really feel deep down that I am making the right decision and I know I have to remind myself of that and try to stay positive and motivated but it is difficult sometimes. Not everyone is on board, there are stressful decisions to make, emotions are high.

Truth is, I sometimes feel like people are mocking me. That they think this is all a joke, some fluke decision to do something exciting. It is disappointing and pretty hard not to take it personally. I am trying to harness that into more motivation to kick major ass over there and prove to people that this is real and I will be successful.

Looking at the next two months, it makes me sick to see how fast they will fly by. I have to consciously  tell myself not to over think things. I am the girl who will freak out about all the "lasts". Last trip to the bay with Taylor, last late night Frostie's run for ice cream, last night in the apartment...blah blah. The list could go on forever.

Bottom line is, I have to stay positive and motivated and take everything in stride. One year will fly by and I will be back and armed with some wicked pastry skills before I know it.


  1. Paris is a good thing. You are setting a wonderful example for everyone especially your sister about being a strong and independant womean. Not everyone has to be on board, you have to do it for you. No regrets. I love you and am extreamly proud of you, Mom

  2. Hi Britty! Just wanted to offer some kind words. There will always be people with opposing opinions, it's impossible to live life making EVERYONE happy. I'm the same way in feeling I need others approval on decisions that really don't affect them. Buuut it is impossible to please everyone, so just follow your heart! Don't let them make you second guess yourself. You're going to have the best time ever and have a kick ass Bakery some day, Brit's Bake's! Or maybe you won't and just have this awesome experience under your belt and are the mom who puts everyone to shame at the school bake sale! Who are these people who are being mean?! Give me their names and I'll have them taken care of ;) Perhaps they're just a little jealy! Hell, if you can't go on this adventure now at 24, when else can you do it?! I for one can not wait to hear all about your Paris life and updates and will welcome you with open arms when you get back! Yay yay yay turn that frown upside now and get exciited!


Merci Beaucoup!