Hold the Sugar, Burger Please!

Its true - I eat things other than sugar infested sweets, believe it or not.
So here it is..

The Task: finding the best burger joint in San Diego.

The Contenders: Bareback Grill, Hodads, Rockies, Five Guys, In n Out.

The Judges: Brittany and Mike

The Champion: Too early to tell

First stop...BAREBACK!
My little sis (shout out to Gamma Phi!) and I went to Bareback for a big/little date because we can single handedly take down the large fries and we have a weakness for accents. Love you Erin - muchisimos!
So we had our Maui Waui burger and load of fries..and don't forget the pitcher. Then I brought the "average joe" burger (and fries of course) home for Mike for dinner and a round of judgment.
Mike: B
Brit: B+
Love the 100% organic beef. Love the fresh taste. Fresh Veg. 

Mike: A
Brit: A..maybe A+ :)
There is nothing to explain...they are just GOOD.

Overall: A
The atmosphere there is great too. New Zealand accents.. girls? Enough Said.

What do you think of Bareback Grill? They have two locations, PB and downtown. Check them out at http://www.barebackgrill.com/
Any other burger joints you think we should add to the list of contenders? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Fries get an A++! Burgers and boys- another solid A.. I might be a little bias though :)

  2. I love bareback! I want to do a burger challenge now! That sounds like such a fun idea!!


Merci Beaucoup!