Nothing to Write Home About..

AH! It has been a while since I have had time to spend in the kitchen thinking of deliciousness to put in the oven. I have been in this "in between" stage for the past three (going on four) weeks and its making me a bit antsy. I was beginning to stress out about the fact that I have no baking to write about on this blog and how super lame that is. Then I decided, if I am 60 plus miles away from my kitchen aid and flour I guess I will have to tell you about the other parts of my life? 

Well, if you stop reading now - it okay. I won't blame you.

Like I said in my last two posts, I am now living in San Diego and working at the Marriott Marina downtown. It is a really cool hotel in an awesome area but the transition hasn't been the most fun thing ever - its a work in progress. I am also homeless and have been living out of a suitcase for almost a month. Psh, pathetic! What am I doing with my life??!
-where i work-
So lets talk about the positive thoughts that are floating around the universe. I have been getting to spend a ton of time with Mike which is a nice change for us. Last weekend, we decided to hop in the car and go to Sin City for one night to party it up for Halloween. It was a blast and I won 100 smackers at the black jack table...take that Vegas!  Woop Woop!
-the palms-
-mario and flapper girl-
I am also in search of a fabulous baking and pastry school to start up at in the near future. Shopping for schools is not as fun as shopping for colleges. This school I actually have to take seriously and it doesn't come with a side of partying every night, sorority friends, costume parties, sleeping through class, and driving to OC once a month so I don't have to do my own laundry (don't judge!). Full time school and full time work is going to be a challenge..but who needs sleep?
-what to do...-
OH YA..how could I forget? I have 15 days until I start the Susan G. Komen 3 Day Walk for the Cure! My mom and I have been planning this for almost a year now! It begins on the 19th and we will walk 60 miles over three days to help raise awareness. That also means I have 15 days to raise the rest of my money (I have $600 to go). We are required to raise $2,300 and it is not as easy as I thought! If you are in the San Diego area you should check out the walkers...we complete the walk on Sunday at Petco Park. I hope you have a cause that you support! 
-fighting for a cure-

Until next time...

..if I find a home with a kitchen.


  1. hi miss! i like reading about your other life outside the kitchen, haha. where are you living? i have other questions for you- we need to catch up!!

  2. haha thanks emily. I miss you! Im in PB..what about you? call me!!!


Merci Beaucoup!