France: Wine Country

After our grand old time in Dublin we headed to Bordeaux, France. France being the number one wine producer in the world, I can say that the vineyards were truly breathtaking. I have had the pleasure of visiting wineries and vineyards in Solvang and Temecula, California which are incredible but the vineyards of Bordeaux stretch as far as your eyes can see. Just imagine looking around and seeing endless lines of vineyards surrounding you. 360 degrees.

The city of Bordeaux is like a tiny, little Paris. Its streets, building, even their Notre Dame cathedral all look just like Paris. It is a small city and my mom and I decided to go sight seeing by running! We needed to get some of the Guinness' out of our system so we put on our running shoes and ran around the entire city. Its a great way to kill two birds, one stone.

The coolest thing in the city was this "mirror" lake thing they have right in the center of the city on the river. It is a little area where they have misters coming out from the ground to spray water for the kids to run through. It collects about 1 inch of water which reflects the sky, clouds, and this beautiful building perfectly. The kids were having the time of their lives in there because it was so hot and at night the sight was so peaceful.

The second day we took the train to a little medieval town called St. Emillion. Now, this is where some of France's BEST wines are made. What a beautiful town. It is unlike anything else I have seen. The city is actually ruins that they continue to live in! I could spend a lot of time just sitting in the sun overlooking the vineyards and ruins with a glass of chilly rosé in my hand. What a life!


  1. Running tours.. I like it. You should take that idea and "run" for it.. ha.. ha ha.. where do I come up with these things?

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