Mike's visit part 2: French Riviera

What a magical place. Nice has definitely taken the top travel destination spot in my book. It is undeniably beautiful, picturesque, and welcoming. The seven hour train down to the south was so enjoyable. Have you ever traveled by train? I love it to begin with but then you add the non-stop views of the French countryside and then the Cotes d'Azur...it was the perfect way to travel!

When we arrived we had a bit of trouble with the world's most awful hotel (thanks a lot Expedia!) and after two hours of stress we finally checked into a nice little place with a balcony and view down the street to the ocean. It wouldn't be proper traveling without a hiccup or two.

If you haven't been to the French Riveira, put it on your list. Now. Seriously.

Not only is it a wonderland of sunshine, warmth and the Mediterranean, but it is riddled with the most lovely streets and alleyways. Every corner we turned led to another little street filled with aromatic scents, antique vendors, food vendors, patisseries, cafes, shops of all kinds...we could have explored forever!

For the greatest views you must climb up Castle Hill. It is not that bad of a climb and the view is more than worth it. It is breathtaking with the city of Nice on the left and the port on the right and big blue and teal water surrounding you. We spent the first few days exploring, sight seeing, walking around and of course eating and drinking! 

Our last day was just incredible. One I will always remember. It was a simple day spent lying on the cliffs getting our tan on and laughing at the PDA (more like s-e-x show) going on below us (TMI, for me!). We jumped in the freezing Med and then walked back along the water, walked through town and ended the day watching the sunset with our baguette, comte and vin. Then we spent the night sitting on the beach with a fresh bouteille de vin, talking, listening to music and watching the water. The best day, ever.

Of course I was sad to leave this little haven we had the pleasure of getting to know but Mike and I already put it on the list of places to come back to one day. We headed back to Paris, sun kissed and relaxed and enjoying our box of Tim Tam cookies. Lucky us, we saw a full rainbow on the ride home. France is just one beautiful place.

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  1. That last picture is beautiful!!! Well, all of them are. You guys are such an inspiration- love you both!!!


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