How to cure your case of the "Mondays"

Spend it in Champagne, France!

Our class took another field trip, this time to the Champagne region. Did you know that champagne can only be called "champagne" if it is made in this specific area of France? All others are just sparkling wine. 

We visited Pannier and drank an endless amount of the best champagne I have ever experienced in my life. We had a guided tasting of three lovely wines, one of which I couldn't dream of affording! Afterwards we had a tour of the underground cellars where the champagne ages and awaits its debut. 

The trip concluded with a cocktail party down in the cellars with endless and free flowing champagne and delicious hors d'oeuvres. We had an incredible time. Our school is pretttttty cool...just sayin'.

I left with a fancy bottle of blanc du blancs in hand so that Mike and I could have it to celebrate his arrival in Paris. It was delicious and perfect for our first night together. He said it was definitely the best champagne he has ever tasted. Have you ever had a special bottle of champagne that you remember? I think it is a special drink and tends to make its appearance for those occasions you don't want to forget.

 Pastry A..my classmates!
 me...poppin' bottles. yee!
some of my favorites
Photos via: Yu Hsuan Cheng

Best Monday ever, hands down.


  1. Looks absolutely wonderful Britt!!! Champagne is so divine...It's one of my favorite things to drink. Aside from tequila. haha.

  2. Haha poppin' bottles in the cellar! Reminds me--"Dr. Frank Smiley coined Gamma Phi Beta with 'sorority,' all others are women's fraternities." :) love you!


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