Project Hope and Snowmen

Since we were talking about Cameron I want to tell you another great thing that he has made happen since September. The weeks before he passed Cameron became very interested in a cause called Project Hope. He saw a HBO documentary called "Homeless: The Motel Kids of Orange County" that touched him. He decided that he wanted to help these children that are suffering in our own community. Amazing for a 20 year old guy right?

Unfortunately, he did not have the chance to help these children personally. That does not mean that he didn't help them. His family made sure to carry out his wishes of helping these children. The Bissins have raised over $12,000 for the Project Hope School in Orange County that has been donated in Cameron's memory. Christy, my mother and a few of their friends also volunteer every Friday morning to go be teachers and teacher's aides at the Project Hope School. They are there every week connecting with and guiding these children that are struggling everyday. Cameron would be SO proud and SO happy that these kids are getting help from him and his family and friends.

During the Holidays my creative ole' mother made some super cute snacks for the kids. I am sure they just LOVED them and had smiles and giggles on their face.

Check them out!
"Melty the Snowman!"

Get it? They are melting! Muahahaha!

I think these women are amazing for their efforts at Project Hope School...don't you? :)

Me and My Momma <3


  1. dang girl - you are stunning! and i am LOVING your new header - is it new or am i just behind?

    AND holy crap - that's my button on the side of your blog. too cool. thanks girl!!

  2. This is a sweet post. Love watching legacies get carried on and on and on...

    And btdubs...Is that a picture of Cinque Terre in your blog header?! If so, we can totally be friends. The Western coast of Italy is my all-time FAV.


  3. Ashley - Thanks..its new as of today!!

    Maddie - Yes is it! I got to spend a few days there and it was AMAZING! Also, best pesto I have ever had ever in my life :)

    Thanks for the comments girs!

  4. Love those snowmen! And I agree about the header, it looks great and stands out!

  5. The Campbells are just too cool for words. I love your family and everything you guys do!


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