Fill-It-In Friday!

1.   Fridays are       the best day of the week! I never appreciated Fridays until I got this new "some-what" Monday through Friday job...now I can't wait til this glorious day arrives!!  

2.    hot sunny days, the beach, sweet treats and watching Taylor run around like a maniac    make me terribly happy.

3.  Something that inspires me is     my dad for being the hardest worker, successful and best dad. my mom for her patience and capacity to love. my grandma for being a badass at life 

4.  If I had the day off today I would     make a day trip somewhere cool and fun! Or I would sleep in, go to the gym, bake something, watch a movie and have some yogurtland... I guess it depends what it looks like outside  .

5.  If I had to put a label on my home decor style, I would say my style is    "in the works". the truth is - i have no style and the small amount of style that is happening in this joint I don't think I could name it. Once it is complete and we have real curtains on the windows instead of sheets...Ill get back to you.

6.  Concerning politics I would say I'm       raised republican..suppport it..but not involved. politics always lead to arguments and I don't like those    .

7.  I'd like to go to       anywhere      so I could       explore the world and have an adventure!



  1. I LOVE your "if I had the day off I would"...both sound PERFECT to me!

  2. I love day trips and little adventures too :)

  3. How creative! I love your fill in the blanks! Especially what you would do if you had the day off!
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Merci Beaucoup!