Pictures Worth 1,000 Words

I got this idea from my friend Kai at All Kinds of Complicated to do a sort-of "photo survey".  Pictures can definitely explain more about my life than words can. So here you go... for your viewing pleasure :)

someone you spend a lot of time with

a picture of you
me in SF

a random picture of you and your sig. other
Halloween..lookin' good!

a picture of something that makes you happy
Boomer & Taylor

an old picture of you
My First Country Concert :)

a picture of your siblings
oooh us sibs

a picture you never posted on your blog before
Beer in Mexico

a picture of a person you miss
RIP Kurty

 a picture of people who know you now and then
My Godfather (Yes, that IS a mullet)

a picture of your favorite place
Punta Mita, Mexico

a person you can tell everything to
The BFF's Brittany & Mandy

a picture of your everyday life
Livin' in SD

a picture from a place you love
San Sebastian, Spain

a picture that reminds you of great times
Tahoe Trips

a picture of one of your favorite foods
Ice Creammm

a picture from the best day of your life
The Sunset of a Lifetime

a picture that always makes you laugh
My Sis at her Finest

a picture of your spare time
Hangin' with Tay Tay

 a photo from a great night
Watching Spain win the Eurocup in Granada

 a picture of the people who are closest to you
My Siblings and BritO 
(yes, we have matching outfits - don't judge!)

a picture of someone you always have a good time with
Rooms Ashley & Erin

a picture of your parents when they were your age
Yep, they had me and my age..scary!
a picture from last summer
Vegas with the Gphi Girls

 a photo of one of your close friends of the opposite sex (not sig. other)
My Brother and Sligar :)

 a picture of you on a favorite vacation
Backpacking Europe

a picture of an accomplishment
College Graduation & Finishing the 3 Day Walk!

a picture of your closest friends
Some of the Best

a photo that makes you smile
Miss these days

someone you will never let go of



  1. Loving all the pictures circa 1987. Classic.

  2. i am totally stealing this idea! it's pretty awesome! i'm a photo person, so completely agree that they tell the story best.

  3. i made it on twice...im almost up there with mike. honored.


Merci Beaucoup!