This day is perfect here in Punta Mita, Mexico. It is undeniably gorgeous all year round but the weather right now, can't beat it.

We are at the end of our 12 day vacation, which is always bittersweet. I love it here but I also am missing Mike and Tay back home.

I wish you all could be here to soak in the beaming sun rays and breathe in this flowing, fresh air. Pictures just aren't doing it.

Just imagine waking up to little rays of sunshine peaking through your window shutters. You are a little bit tired, but you get up anyway because there is a lounge chair at the beach waiting to be napped on.

Come upstairs and decide to be a little productive since, hey you have noooo plans. Put on some running shoes and go walk 5 or 6 miles with your mom. It is really not even that bad because the greenery is so nice and distracting, the air feels good filling up your lungs and you know your little worker friend at the gate has some ice cold water for you (such a sweetheart!).

Get back, feeling straight up awesome because you worked out on vacation. Shower off, put on your uniform that you have worn everyday for almost two weeks - a bikini.

Stroll over to the beach, lay down, open a book, and don't move until 5 hours later you need to reach for a beer or watch the whales breeching in the ocean right in front of you.

After an exhausting day of tanning and reading, come back home, shower off. Sit at the table and write this blog post while you watch the palm trees sway slightly in the breeze. Appreciate the perfect temperature of the air that is flowing around you because the entire wall to the patio has disappeared and it is one large room and the little birds singing their songs.

There are some really amazing places on this earth but, reallyyyyy...man...you gotta come here! :)

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  1. I am massively jealous! That sounds a million times better than freezing Minnesota!


Merci Beaucoup!