1 week to lift off

I was born and raised in South Orange County, CA. My family vacationed in places like Hawaii, San Diego, and Mexico. I moved away for college to San Diego and haven't left.

Lets think about this: OC, Hawaii, SD, Mexico...what do all these places have in common?

Blazing hot sun and beaches stretching all around them.

I have lived my whole life in a perpetual state of summertime and it is my favorite luxury. We pay for the good weather in California.

I never want to trade it for anything...oh wait...I am.

Today I am in jean shorts, my trusty old rainbow sandals and a light blue cotton tee. And I'm still hot.

I am about to put my favorite go-to outfits and sandals into hibernation and trade in some rain boots, jeans and layers and layers of sweaters. Not to mention a chef's uniform.

Boots and layers I can pull off. Chefs coat and hat...that is going to be a new one.

I leave one week from today and am feeling more nervous but more excited every hour. The boxes are starting to fill up with things from our life here in the SD apartment and Taylor is a little confused.

What confuses me....every time I look at this:

uhhh....?? what??

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Merci Beaucoup!