Laying it all on the line..

This is it. I am moving to Paris at the end of January for a year long pastry program. It seems so surreal but I am beyond excited. I really feel like I am going to be living my dream. Remember the movie "It's Complicated"? I adored Meryl (not only because the movie was a crack up and one of my favorites) but because I found myself wanting to be like her. I wanted so badly to study pastry in Paris and I so badly wanted a bakery exactly like the one she had in the movie. It seemed so perfect and unlikely. Now, I am going to be doing exactly that!

I can't tell you how excited I am to be embarking on this new adventure and taking a giant step in the right direction but it was in NO way an easy decision to go. I have never been overly adventurous so living in a foreign country by myself was an idea I really had a hard time wrapping my mind around. I know I will probably be home sick and scared out of my mind in the beginning but at the same time, this will help me become a stronger and more self-sufficient person. I have so much support from my family and friends and I am so thankful but it doesn't make it easier to leave them. I will miss my family and friends so much and I hope they can come visit!

The hardest part of this all, is thinking about being away from Mike and Taylor for an entire year. Every time I think about it I feel like I will just break down crying. Mike has been extremely supportive and motivating for me but it breaks my heart thinking that we won't be in our little apartment with little Tay everyday and going to Mad Dog's Cafe for breakfast on Sundays or watching Taylor run like a speed demon on the sand at the bay. I know this is not the end of anything, it is just an adventure in our life together and will make us stronger individuals and a stronger couple. I love him so much and am really thankful that he supports my dreams and pushes me to pursue them. Maybe by some stroke of luck he will find a job in Paris and him and Tay will become Parians with me!  (I hope!!!)

Mike, thank you for being there for me and supporting me as much as you do. I love you and I am so happy and thankful for our life together. Like you said, this is just one year of adventure in our 100 years together.

At this point, I have a TON of planning to do. I need a visa. I need to learn French. I need to research the city. I need to find a place to live. I need to get some clothes. (It is going to be freezing when I get there!) Anyone who has moved and lived abroad, if you have any advice please do share! I would appreciate any guidance!

Oh Paris, I'm coming for you!


  1. 1 year in our 100 years together.. that is so beautiful. I love you both and will be sending all the positive joo joo in the world for you three!!

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  3. First things first my friend...Congratulations! Anyone that reads this blog knows that baking is part of your heart. I am so happy you are taking off on this adventure. Second, your man clearly loves you...as do you family and friends...the time will fly by when you are over there.

    Having lived abroad I have tons of tips, tricks, and advice for you so I will shoot you an email with some helpful advice. You absolutely will be homesick in the beginning, so just remember that you made this decision because of the joy and benefits it will bring to enhancing your life.

    At the end of the day this is going to be an amazing adventure and I could not be more excited for you! I think I still have your email address, but shoot it to me on facebook just in case and I'll give you some abroad advice.

    Love ya,

  4. CONGRATS BRITTANY! This is so awesome. I studied French in southern France (Montpellier) for a semester and graduated with a French major. If you want any tips or need things to say to nasty creeper men on the Metro let me know :)

  5. Erin - love the joo joo. thanks little!

    Lex - thank you so much! you always have the best and most wise things to say! I will take any tricks and tips I can find. <3 you

    Miranda - ah darling thank you! yes, pleasee I need those phrases to get them creepers as far away as possible! I should probably learn some french first... ;)

    Thanks for all the support!!


Merci Beaucoup!