They Grow Up So Fast

My little Tay-lay is already 9 months old! Remember when I told you that we got her? She was the smallest little thing and oh so timid.

Now, she is a whoooole different animal. It has been an adventure with the little one and I wouldn't change it for the world. She might be a crazy maniac sometimes and make the apartment look like a tornado went through it but she is also always happy and a great cuddle buddy. She always brings a smile to my face!

The one thing Tay does NOT enjoy (but I force her to do it anyway) is swim. Weird, right? Most dogs love it. Maybe she will grow to like it but for now I will continue throwing her into the pool against her will because it is fun and you never know, she might need these survival skills one day.


OH man! She looks pissed!! 

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  1. this reminds me so much of Hudson! He was sooo small when I got him and now he is a huge beast lol...okay 40 pounds..but still big to me!! He hates swimming too! lol


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