I mean, donuts.

DoNots is my code name for donuts so I remind myself that I really do NOT need to be eating that.

But sometimes, you just need a donut. There is a reason coffee and donuts are such a cliche. It's because they are GOOOD together. Really good.

I took on a donut recipe and really didn't know what to expect. They seem pretty intimidating but I actually pulled them off fairly well. The key is to make sure you let them rise completely. Don't run them into the fryer because you are so excited like I did with the first couple ones. Let them take their time and puff up so they are nice and airy like donuts should be. Good luck! If you bring them around your friends maybe you will get the somewhat awkward comment of "who does that?!"....ummm, I do.


  1. yum!! if i keep reading your blog, i may end up gaining 30 lbs... but it would be fun in the mean time! :)

  2. oh mmmmm G i want to have a donut!! europe totally fails at donuts.


Merci Beaucoup!