Workin' for the Weekend

I'm not going to lie, working every Saturday can really be a drag. Especially on those days when the sun is shinning and there are drinks to be had.

I had an extremely long 12 hour day today after an already long week. It was for a young girl's sweet 16 party (MTV is definitely missing out on this one!). It was not only hard work and good experience, it reminded me a little as to why I thought I would like this job. Considering I went to college for it...that is a good thing.

It amazes me that we can turn an empty concrete warehouse into something so beautiful. These iphone photos don't do it justice. This party is going to be off.the.hoooook.

Not to mention it is a bunch of 16 year olds and the party is scheduled to rage through to 5 am....

...as for me...I'm going to sleep riiiiight now.

ZzzZZzzzzZzz (it is 11:11 ...make a wish!)



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  1. it looks awesome!!! oh my gosh, i can't even imagine how much work that took. that lucky little 16 year old.


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