Barefoot Blue Jean Night

I needed to escape from my job and escape I did! I have been so lucky to have spent the past five days on the lake in Colorado with Mike and his family! His aunt and uncle live in an incredible home on a lake in Windsor and were the most amazing hosts. I have a great time lounging in the hot sun and swimming in the lake. Who knew Colorado got so HOT during the summer? I was bakin'!

We got to lay out on the dock, ride around in the boat, swim, jump of bridges (yes, its true! I conquered my fear after about 5 minutes of incredible stress), visit Boulder, play with their puppies (teacup yorkies - Tiki and Kiwi, which I wanted to bring as my carry-on back to Cali), cheer on Mike's brother as he competed in his first half Iron Man race (he did great!!!), eat, drink, drink...eat...and drink.

Ahh it feels good.  Here are some photos from the trip. Mike and I just got back into SD and have to go back to work tomorrow but I think we both feel refreshed from our trip with his incredible family. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!!
~Mike's (Debbie) mom kayaking like a champ! His sister (Kris) and I lounging.~

 ~Mike and I reading and sunning on the dock~

~Having dinner at the West End in Boulder~
 ~view from the restaurant~
~the Boulder reservoir cheering on Dan~
 ~Dan half way through his running section~

~sunset cruise on the lake~
~when the sun goes down...~ 
 ~everyone on the boat!~
 ~walking around Boulder with the three CU alums/students~
 ~night out on the town in Boulder~

Aren't good vacations with good people just the greatest!? :)

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