Wanna Move to Nashville? Sure, Why Not??!

Yep, that is the conversation two of my greatest friends had about a year ago.

Where are they now?

They are in their new apartment in Nashville, TN! It has been a long time of this "talk" about moving away and starting over fresh and to be honest, I was not convinced that they were actually going through with it until they sent me these pictures. They had quit their jobs, started saying goodbyes, packed up their apartments and I still thought there was a chance it was all a sick joke.

As sad as I am that I am down two friends and I miss them already - this is such an exciting adventure for them! From what they have told me, they love it already and seem to fit in perfectly. They have explored some exciting places like the Phunky Griddle and Tootsie's and soaking up all the Music City has to offer! I can't wait to visit so we can stalk all of our favorite country music stars and I can be reunited with these two amazing friends of mine.

This new adventure inspired them both to join us here in the blog-o-sphere! Saddle up and follow these girls on their new blogs!

This is Ashley! She takes great photos, has some really great quotes and stories to tell! She loves country music, love, weddings, photos, friends, french fries and glitter.

Her new blog is She's Gone Country. Check her out!

Meet Elise! She is a clever and hilarious and great at documenting their adventures. She loves anything Italian, friends, fun, wine and constantly has that sincere smile on her gorgeous face and enjoys life!

Her new blog is The Odyssey of Elise! Go and follow her now!!

To my girls: I love you and miss you more than anything! I am so proud of you both for taking a chance on life that most people are too afraid to do. I can't wait to visit and for you to (hopefully) return to us in Cali in a year or so. I can't wait to hear all the stories that I know will come :) Love you!!!!


  1. Thank you so much rooms. I love you and I can't wait for you to visit. Thanks for making me cry because I miss you so damn much. Xoxo

  2. Britt, you are incredible. Thank you for your kind words. Seriously can't wait for your visit--and we will have our kitchen and fridge fully stocked for a full on baking sesh. Love you so much

  3. Beautiful place...have lots of fun!


Merci Beaucoup!