A Girl's Best Friend

Friends meet Boomer.
Boomer meet Friends.

It was just my family dog's birthday the other day [12 years strong!] and I am pretty sure that merits a Boomer blog post right? Yup.

I think I have told you before that he is the black dog version of Marley from "Marley and Me". He has a habit of eating anything and everything in site including non-edible items like..oh you know...glass beer bottles and rocks. He has a stomach of steel definitely. It is so bad that we can not leave anything out in the kitchen even on the back of the counters because this ninja of a dog will jump up on his back feet and not stop reaching until he has gotten that food, usually something sweet.

His other favorite hobby besides eating everything is being an escape artist. He just wants to roam free through the streets of Orange County. He always comes back but it is like a game to him. Can he fool us and escape the house for an hour? This is why everyone within a mile radius of our house knows who Boomer is because they have most likely had to bring him back for us. One of our neighbor's even has us on speed dial because she finds Boomer so often! SO BAD!

Despite all his rebellious habits he is our family's best friend and he is the most amazing and loving and hilarious dog anyone could ask for. So happy birthday Boom Boom. We love you so much!! :)

The various sides of Boomer:

Halloween: He is a Dinosaur!!!
Sleepy Time
Halloween Hippie
Excited for a Car Ride!
Taking over the couch after stealing food. Rule Breaker!
Halloween Superdog!
Roaming the Dog Park
Love My Boomdog!

Do you have an amazing family dog too?? Share your stories! 
Maybe Boom and your dog could be friends? :)

Have a great Wednesday!!

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