[3Ls] Live the Life you Love

Everyone in the blog-o-sphere seems to have some type of special theme for certain days of the week like "Friday Fancies" and "Wednesday Wishes" and I think it's great! So I am totally going to be that girl to jump on the bandwagon.

I am going to make my own though.

It is not going to be for a specific day of the week because lets face it..there is no consistency in my blog posts and I would hate to disappoint if I can't blog it up on a Thursday when you might be expecting me. It would prove my habit of procrastination when my Thursday post comes on a Monday.

So my weekly post will be about the saying of "living the life you love and loving the life you live". I think it is SO important to cherish everyday and every memory-even if it is small and simple. What else is life about if not to enjoy it?

I will be sharing the things I love each week and what I am excited about in my life and try to find you a nice picture of something fun, enchanting or something else that makes life as good as it is.

This week I am excited about...
- some new opportunities that have popped up (can't tell you quite yet). 
- being home in Orange County this weekend to spend time with my brother Brandon. He means the world to me and is about to leave to study abroad in Australia for five months! Not to mention that he will be leaving me 4 days before his [would be epic] 21st birthday!
- watching more 24. I started the first season and am so hooked!! 
- that I have ice cream and cookie dough in the fridge.
- the sun is out and shining...it doesn't get better than that.

What are you doing to live the life you love?? 


  1. I love this! I'm having a baby :) and that makes me love my life

    <3, New Follower
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  2. love this! i am living each day in the moment and trying to not stress about anything...it's making the days go by much better



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