Croissant + Cinnamon Roll = A-MAZ-ING!

Do you ever think how perfect it would be if you could combine two of your favorite things into one super awesome thing?

I asked around to see what people though about this genius idea and got some good responses...

"Angels and Lakers games" - Brother Brandon
"Edible chocolate books" - Mom
"Family and sleep" - Dad
"Pancakes and french toast" - Mike
"Elvis and High School Musical" - Sister Jenna
"French Fries and glitter" - Ashley
"Sex and napping" - Mandy
"Taylor Swift and golfing" - Brother Ryan
"Hot tubs and water slides" -Shea
"Peanut butter and pasta or Nordstroms and Target" - Brittany O

Why not a buttery, flakey croissant and a doughy-centered cinnamon roll? 

My thoughts exactly.

It was as scrumptious as you are imagining it right now. I am not gonna lie. And thank goodness they were because these puppies took 24 hours to prepare!

What would you combine together if you could?  How about a transporter and Yogurtland?


  1. omoghs stop it. your blog is making me so hungry!

  2. Tiffany - get this amazing recipe at (copy and paste this link) http://books.google.com/books?id=7O5YpNRnpNoC&pg=PA99&lpg=PA99&dq=sur+la+table+morning+bun&source=bl&ots=IhSCFcyqG6&sig=W_Vla4lAMh9Y7eZeqJAuH1Ycxzc&hl=en&ei=my42TqLiF7DXiALynLTDCA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3&ved=0CDIQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q&f=false

    It is on page 113. This is a great cookbook and you can find that I get a lot of my recipes from here! Enjoy!


Merci Beaucoup!