The List: Paris.

Judge me if you want but I love making lists. They keep me organized and I love being able to cross things off them.

So, naturally I made a list of things I am going to miss about Paris and things I will be happy never to experience again and also what I am most excited for back in the good old USA.

Wanna know?? Here is the Paris List.

Things I will NOT miss about Paris:

The smell of PEE. everywhere.

Being confused 90% of the time. Ooh la la, French.

Freezing. All the time.

Being stared at for no reason.

The Parisians. They are a depressed, angry group of people. Just Parisians. Other French people are awesome.

Paying 6 euros for the world's worst cup of coffee.

French banks.

Being worried about people trying to steal my things all the time!

Everything being so small. It's like living in a miniature world.

My laundry taking 2 and a half hours for a normal cycle and then taking two days to hand dry. wtf France..really??

That's not sooo bad..right? Now for the positive!

Things I will miss most about Paris:

The FOOD! Bread, cheese, butter, pastries, wine, paté...all these things will never be the same for me. Ever. I will miss it dearly. This move might be good for my waistline though.

The buildings and architecture. This city is beautiful. Gorgeous. Romantic. Just an average building on any given street can be breathtaking. I will miss walking around and admiring the city and the feel of Paris.

The Seine. I love this river. I will miss running along it and having picnics with friends. I will miss taking photos of it every time I cross it. Its lovely.

The BIG city. I never thought I would love living in a city (Paris is the first city I've ever lived in) but turns out that I love it! It feels good to get out of the city from time to time but I really enjoy the energy and the endless amount of places to explore. You could live here your whole life and never know Paris completely.

The restaurant and culinary scene. The French take their food very seriously. Everything is FRESH and well prepared. The chefs are educated and truly love what they do. I will miss exploring new wine bars, restaurants and pastry shops whenever I want to. I will miss the big outdoor markets that are selling really fresh and wholesome produce. I love feeling like I am part of an industry scene here.

The Eiffel. No denying it. I love eiffel. Its beautiful and breathtaking from all angles. I will miss being able to see it whenever I want to and sometimes when I'm not even trying to.

The ability to travel. Its Europe's best perk.

The street food. Crepes, falafel, sandwiches...yum.

The inspiration that Paris gives to its people. I hope this feeling stays with me. I feel like anything is possible and I have Paris to thank for that.

Paris, je taime.


  1. Paris,un jour.
    Parisienne,un jour.

  2. This post is so much love <3


  3. I didn't find Parisians to be very nice, but the food is great and so is the wine.

  4. It takes that long to do laundry - whoa!! After reading your lists (good & bad) I really want to go to Paris (as long as I don't have to do laundry) :)

  5. this was a cool post! I laughed out loud when you mentioned you won't be missing the smell of pee. ha. those are things we have no idea about unless you tell us!! (we, being the people that have never been) ha.

  6. We're definitely a nicer bunch down in Provence :)

  7. Some of these photos are gorgeous! I have to make a similar list about Paris soon and the thought of it bums me out - there's a lot I won't miss, but the things I will are similar to yours.

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Merci Beaucoup!