moving is making me unstable

4 days and I will be walking through LAX to meet my family, Mike, little Tay and Manda. I can't believe it. I've said it before, but its true.

The past week has been crazy. This move has got me feeling like an unstable person. There are all kinds of emotions going on in my life.

view from Pere Lachaise cemetery

In a given day I feel...

HAPPY to go home and see my friends and family
SAD to leave the friends I've made here

HAPPY to be back to the comforts of home
SAD to leave my little Parisian flat

HAPPY to have had this amazing experience
SAD that it is over

HAPPY to start a new future
SAD that the economy is trying to ruin my life and keep me unemployed forever

HAPPY to know that in-n-out in waiting for me
SAD that i won't be able to have pain chocolat and crepes anytime i want

Its a roller coaster to say the least. I'm trying my best to stay calm and reasonable. Any tips on how not to lose it?

And I can't leave this post without wishing a HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my amazing father! He is a great reason to be excited to come home. I can't wait to see you Dad! Joyeux Anniversaire!


  1. you are caught between two worlds! you have two places to love and call home. what a bittersweet thing. i hear plenty of chocolate and croissants are the key to helping any person cope!

  2. All I can say is that it gets easier with time. Six, almost seven, years later and my heart still resides in Oxford (and Europe in general for that matter). You'll find a routine and a way to make visits back to the place you have fallen in love with. And every time you do you'll feel that pang of sadness to leave it yet again. But just remember, you fell in love with a place, and nothing will ever change that. It's an incredible experience and opportunity and I'm so happy you got the chance to experience it.

  3. You'll be there tomorrow!! It's so exciting!


Merci Beaucoup!