playing catch up!

It has been a busy two months. Mike came to visit and a week later my best friend came to visit and now I am prepping for my entire family's arrival in one week! It has been and is amazing. I love seeing everyone and am so happy they have come/are coming. Only problem is, it doesn't leave too much time for keeping up on my blog!

I was just going through my photos thinking.."what should I write about now?" and realized...holy motherload I have a lot to cover!

So I am going to play a game called "lets get you up to speed" and am going to throw together the past few weeks of school...well, bits and pieces.

I am in my final three weeks of classes. Can you believe it? I can't! This coming week we work with ice cream (YUMMM) and then plated desserts and then... c'est fini! It's gone quickly but I am going to enjoy these last few weeks with my classmates and my insane chef as much as I can.

 pate de fruit
 mint marshmallows
 painting on pastillage
making praliné ...so good
 the mighty kouglof
 petit brioche
 Pain aux lait
 baba aux rum passion fruit and cassis
almond croissants

All caught up? Phew, thank goodness! :)

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  1. Oh, wow. I'm so hungry now! Those petit brioches look fabulous, and I have to try a mint marshmallow--intriguing. :)


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