gettin' our asian on in paris

Like I said before, life here (and life in general) pretty much revolves around food. Its awesome. So naturally my friends and I not only spend most of our time in class working with food but when we hang out afterwards it usually still involves food. Don't judge us.

You're judging, aren't you?!

Well, anyway, I have been getting my fill of asian cuisine here. We made a meal of hand rolled dumplings one afternoon. I went with Mandy and her mom for Thai while they were here and the other day I went for my first pho soup (ever). It is all pretty satisfying, but nothing ever compares to my grandmother's gyoza. Seriously, nothing!

Are you a fan of Pho? I have been hearing all this hype about how amazing this stuff is for the past few months and I am going to go out on a limb here and say I really was not very impressed! It wasn't bad but I don't think it was amazing or worth all the rage. What do you think?? Am I wrong?


  1. I'm definitely not a phan of pho, but I love most other vietnamese!

  2. I had such high expectations for Pho - and was a little let down! I mean it was good, fine, whatever. But not life changing, right??

    Also, I'll be in Paris for 8 days this month - since you love food so much, where should we eat?? Thanks :)

  3. were they as good as your grandma's dumplings???


Merci Beaucoup!