Baby Ducks

Actually it is a baby boy (soon-to-be anyway). A friend of my mother was in need of some type of dessert for a baby shower she was throwing for someone. She needed individual pieces of dessert to help them celebrate. Naturally, this is code for cupcakes. 

This is something that remains true no matter what age the boy is - they are the HARDEST things to shop/create for!! Us girls, we hand it to them on a platter. We are happy with anything! As long as it comes from the boy, we are happy, right girls? 

So I had a really hard time thinking of a design for a boy baby shower. Girls I can do anything from hearts to flowers to pearls to butterflies. Boys....hmm....drawing blanks...

It came down to rubber ducks, bottles, or baby faces. Obviously, rubber ducky wins that one. Psssh.

First things first - I made my own fondant for the first time and let me tell you...IT IS SO EASY! It is easy and pie and so much more cost effective than buying it from the store. If you use fondant, please tell me you will try to make your own and I promise you will be converted for life.

1 bag mini marshmallows
food coloring
confectioners' sugar

Put marshmallows into a microwave safe bowl. (I used about 2 cups but you can use however much depending on how much fondant you need). Coat the marshmallows with a little bit of water and toss to make sure they are all covered. 

Put the mallows in the microwave for 1 minutes. They will come out looking big and fluffy. Mix with a wooden spoon that has been coated with shortening or butter to prevent sticking. Once it is a smooth mass, begin adding confectioners' sugar.

Continue mixing and adding more sugar until the fondant starts coming together and is a pliable mass. Add as much sugar as needed until the fondant is the right consistency. Knead in your food coloring. Use gel colors.

That is it! Cover completely and there you go :)

Ok, back to the cupcakes. So I made ducks out of fondant and made some blue buttercream so it looks like the ducks are floating in water! I also made a batch of chocolate and peanut butter cupcakes because I feel like brown is a boy color.

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